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Management and Mediation

Revenue Management


Solutions for any service provider, anywhere in the world, delivered in the way you want them. Wireless, wireline or cable. Any continent on earth. Managed services or licensed. CSG International ensures that your financial transactions are monitored, measured and above all monetized.


Content Management & Monetization


Content is currently the top priority for many different types of service providers, from cable operator through mobile to movie studio. It's no longer sufficient to provide content to your customers - you need to monetize it fully. CSG International's content solutions help you exact full revenue from your digital assets.


Customer Interaction Management


Every communication is critical to delivering a consistent, quality experience to your customers. CSG's Interaction management solutions to help you deliver an unique customer experience across a variety of touch points, whether it be via voice, SMS/text, print, email, or web.


Analytics & Intelligence


Understanding your customer is more complex than ever. With our suite of marketing analytics solutions and services, CSG delivers a comprehensive approach to improving the customer experience, increasing sales opportunities optimizing your business.


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