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Roamware's roaming services

Roamware's voice and data roaming solutions are installed in over 480 mobile operators networks across 154 contries and generate incremental revenues for mobile  operators, whilst increasing their operational effieciencies and reduce subscriber churn.


Roamware's solutions are built on the Roamware Service Delivery System (SDS), a carrier-grade platform based on open standards that enable seamless integration of multiple applications.


  • Outreach messagingplatform enables mobile operators to proactively communicate with inbound and outbound roamers via personalized messages delivered over SMS. In addition to sending "Welcome" and "Bon Vayage" messages, operators can promote roamer-focused services available on their own partner networks and provide useful information that enhances the roaming user experience.

  • Missed Call Alertservice presents an innovative solution for notifying mobile users about missed calls, thereby encouraging them to place return calls according to their convenience. There are solution variants available for notifying callers when the called party is available again, as well as for tracking fixed line calls for integrated service providers, with both fixed and mobile offerings.

  • Short codesservice enables roaming subscribers to access local and home services when roaming, by using familiar short codes that they use while at home. The service can be extended to inbound and outbound roamers and complemented with the CLI Delivery service to ensure seamless access to services.

  • Smart Call Assistantapplication automatically corrects several different kinds of dialing mistakes made by roaming subscribers unfamiliar with dialing codes and patterns while away from their home environment, thereby ensuring higher call completion rates and operators revenues.

  • Network Traffic Redirectionallows mobile operators to proactively influence their outbound roamer's choice of mobile networks when roaming, using signaling and OTA-based steering methods based on intelligent, operator-controlled decisions.


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